Welcome to Bailey Enterprises Property Ltd.

Welcome to Bailey Enterprises Property Ltd.

Welcome to Bailey Enterprises Property Ltd. Welcome to Bailey Enterprises Property Ltd. Welcome to Bailey Enterprises Property Ltd.

Better Together

Creating community to provide a sense of unity and belonging.


Bailey Enterprises is a family run company who create exceptional homes to help add to a wonderful life experience.

We were established from a conviction that every person deserves a wonderful home and a welcoming environment.

We have an unrelenting desire to create a happy living experience. It matters to us that neighbourhoods are safe and a place where people get to know their neighbours, creating life long friends, who look out for each other. 

It is our mission to help create inclusive community where people are happy and living a fulfilled life.


Residential Development

What we do

We are based in London and our current ideal developments are in the South East of England, ideally no more than an hour from London on the train, and within 15 minutes of a train station. We are beginning by creating micro communities and spaces that as we evolve, we can replicate and grow. 

Our developments may be new builds or the conversion of an existing building. We believe that buildings need love, the same as people, and we are passionate about bringing disused buildings back to life and creating beautiful spaces for people to call home.

We are currently working on a project to create around 30 new homes with plenty of community space. We look forward to sharing more in due course.

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Serviced Accomodation

What are they?


Serviced apartments have the common misconception of being extravagant for vacations, given that you can rent the whole place all to yourself. But it isn’t as insane as you might think. SAs can, in fact, save you money, give you a personalised space, and provide you the comfort you deserve.



In simple terms, a serviced apartment is a home away from home. Compared to normal flats, Serviced Apartments have a number of people who will maintain domestic chores for you. So everything you need is taken care of.

Even more space!


Serviced Apartments are often compared to hotels. Although Serviced Apartments offer services like hotels do, they have larger spaces, more rooms, a kitchen space and are yours to make home in whilst you are there.

Who are we?


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Better Together with Bailey Enterprises

Better Together with Bailey Enterprises is a brand new online community which is a safe place for you to get to know people whom you might not ordinarily come into contact with.

We know there are at least 9 million people in the UK who are lonely, and 200,000 elderly who don’t have any social interaction at all.

We don’t think that is ok so we have created this group in order to help you fight this epidemic!

It’s a safe place to share your story, talk about how you feel, and to gain new friends.

Whether you are a new Mum, Dad, you work from home, are a solo entrepreneur or whether you are feeling isolated or lonely, perhaps lacking in self esteem, confidence or just don’t know how to introduce yourself to new people, we are here for you!

As we grow there will be online events, and location specific threads, alongside threads on confidence building, introducing yourself and many other fun things!

Eventually we would like you to take this into the real world and start meeting people in real life, and helping others too.

This group has been growing just fabulously and as it's grown has undergone a few changes. We've rebranded as Better Together for a Gold Star Life in line with co-founder Natalie's Confidence Coaching business. It's booming and the people in it are really growing. 

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