About us

Paula Bailey


  Paula has an eye for detail having graduated with degrees in Law and HR. Paula’s 20 years of experience in the corporate world as Head of HR brings team and project management, quality customer service and smooth operations. 

The happiness and wellbeing of others has always been important to Paula. She continues to use these qualities to bring BEP’s goals of bringing community and belonging together on our developments.

She enjoys travelling and spending time with her daughter and business partner, Natalie. Together they hold a portfolio of Serviced Accommodation properties.

Concentration now is on creating new developments and commercial to residential conversions to bring disused buildings back to life to provide much needed new homes.

Natalie Bailey


  Natalie has a long held entrepreneurial spirit which she unleashed after a number of years in events management. 

A very driven individual, she has managed a boxing gym and is a Certified Personal Trainer, keen to support people in their health, fitness and mental wellbeing needs.  Natalie is a Confidence Coach and loves helping people to lead their best lives.

Natalie has a real zest for life. She is an explorer and loves to travel, making new friends along the way. 

She is keen to help people live happy and fulfilled lives. Having a strong network and connections is important to her and she wants to bring this to BEP's developments with the use of community space and facilities on site. 

Together with her business partner, Paula, they immersed themselves in property education and mentorship to enable this vision to become a reality.

Bailey Enterprises


Bailey Enterprises wants to help combat the growing epidemic that is loneliness in the UK. We are doing this by building not only homes, but neighbourhood communities too. We have found that people are becoming more isolated and therefore lonely. We do not believe this is an adequate way to live. The days of just popping to your neighbour’s for a cuppa are now rare and this is something we would like to help bring back. 

The more we speak with others about this vision we are finding that people agree and want to help too. There are a vast number of charities in the UK dedicated to combatting loneliness and it’s such a shame that they are needed. This is across generation too, not just the elderly as they retire or children move away. There are a growing number of entrepreneurs and stay at home Mums, Dads and people who work or live alone. 

Having community spaces on our developments where activities can take place, co working environments and cafes where neighbours can get together is very important to us, and the population. We want people to build a life together, because we are better together. 

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.